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Ayambil Special – Ragi Dosa

Updated: Mar 31

Ragi dosa is a crispy and healthy dish prepared with mixture of ragi flour and rice flour in just few minutes.

Yields:2 Servings


Prep Time:35 Mins

Cook Time:5 Mins

Total Time:40 Mins


1 cup Ragi (Finger millet/nachani) flour

1/4 cup Rice flour

Salt to taste


Step 1

Take ragi flour and rice flour in a large bowl.

Step 2

Add 1½ cups water and salt. Mix well and keep batter aside for 30 minutes to settle. Batter should have pouring consistency like buttermilk. If required, add more water to get the required consistency.

Step 3

Heat dosa tawa/griddle over medium flame. Stir the batter before making each dosa. When tawa is medium hot , take ladle full batter and pour it over tawa (from the 2-3 inches height) from center to the side in circular motion. Try to keep few empty gaps in between to allow it cook evenly. Do not spread the batter. Cook until color of top surface changes to brown, it will take approx.1-minute over medium flame.

Step 4

Serve hot.

Ragi Dosa

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