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Gur ka Sheera ( Wheat Flour Halwa)

Gur ka sheera is a Indian sweet dish prepared using wheat flour, jaggery and ghee. It's usually made for breakfast.

Cuisine: Indian

Category: Dessert

TIME 30 minutes

YIELD 6 Servings

How to prepare?

Ingredients 1 cup wheat flour ¾ cup grated jaggery (gur) ½ cup ghee 2-3 tbsp ghee

Method Boil 3 cups water in a pan with grated jaggery till the jaggery melts. Strain to remove any residue and set aside. Combine together wheat flour and ghee in a pan and roast it on a low flame till it turns dark in colour. Add chopped almond and roast it for a minute.(optional)

Gur Ka Sheera

Add the prepared jaggery water and cook till it ghee starts oozing out from sides. Serve hot.

Note: Adjust the quantity of jaggery/sugar according to taste. You can use sugar instead of jaggery.


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