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Lapsi is a traditional Indian sweet often served on auspicious occasions made with broken wheat(dalia), jaggery and nuts.

Cuisine: Indian

Category: Indian Sweet

TIME 40 minutes

YIELD 4 Servings

How to prepare?

Ingredients 1 cup broken wheat(dalia) 1 cup jaggery(gur) ½ tsp cardamom powder(elachi) 1/4 cup ghee 2 tbsp almond, blanched (0ptional) 2 tbsp pistachios(optional) ½ cup grated dry coconut (optional)

Method Boil 3 cups water in a pan with grated jaggery till the jaggery melts. Strain to remove any residue and set aside. Heat ghee in a pan, add broken wheat(dalia) and sauté for few minutes. Roast the broken wheat(dalia) until it gets a roasted aroma and the color changes to golden brown. Pour in the boiled jaggery mixture and cardamom Powder. Stir continuously. Cover the lid and cook until the water evaporates and ghee oozes out from the sides of the pan (or you can cook in pressure cooker on medium flame for 3 whistles).   Add grated coconut and mix well on a medium heat and turn off the flame. Garnish with grated dry coconut and blanched almond and pistachios. Serve hot.



When lapsi is cooked completely the grains should be separate and not mushy and sticking together.   Adjust the sweetness according to taste. You can use sugar instead for jaggery. If you make the lapsi in advance, before serving add 2 tbsp of milk to the lapsi, mix well and reheat it for 2 minutes. You can skip adding dry grated coconut. You can add more nuts if needed.


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